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The new [email protected] screensaver can activate folding on GPUs when the computer is idle.Because of this GPU slots are now enabled by default, in "Idle" mode, on all machines with compatible hardware.This allows you to easily control how much of your system's resources [email protected] uses.You can adjust this level at anytime and FAHClient will automatically reconfigure itself, without requiring a restart.However, please note that some changes require first finishing the current work unit before they can be applied.

The result is a much leaner FAHControl and less confusion about how FAHClient is started.

In addition to the screensaver, we've also added other power management features.

FAHClient will detect if the computer is idle (OSX & Windows only) and start "Idle" folding slots even without the screensaver.

Many versions and several years ago [email protected] ran exclusively as a screensaver. Presumably because screensavers have been come less popular now that they are no longer required to "save" your screen.

Now we've brought that feature back but for new reasons.

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