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From her initial interactions with her fiancé Russell Roering, to their comical (and cute) engagement story, this social media-savvy pair used an incredible amount of technology to solidify a romantic relationship."We had an in-real-life meeting that was facilitated by a tweetup," Maldonado stated recently in an interview with Huff Post Live.

Emmy and Sam, who began dating in 2013 and announced their engagement two years later, said "I do" at the 55th Street Conservative Synagogue in New York City, before gathering celebrity friends like Robert Downey Jr., William H.

The girls then met together this past Saturday, September 13th at the airport where Fisher was supposed to land.

Once he passed through customs, Connery described Fisher freezing at the sight of the three girls.

But what about meeting your significant other through social media platforms completely unrelated to the dating world, like Facebook, Twitter or even Linked In?

Barbara Maldonado knows a little something about finding a match online, without the help of Ok Cupid or's love algorithms.

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