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Brands become de facto capital because they act mainly in this way.

In my research, based on an anthropomorphic brand approach, I am interested in analysing the traits and characteristics of Business Development Manager at the “Institut des Mamans,” Virginia Foucault-Rougé has 15 years of experience in marketing , advertising and media studies (Interdeco , Publicis , Secodip TNS Sofres …) Womenology: Have mums changed their consumer habits in recent years?

, the famous shirts adorned with their badge is based on the story of the international tennis champion René Lacoste – dubbed the « alligator » and « crocodile » in reference to his tenacity on the court.

Firstly, it is wrong to think that the “gay marketing” label includes all of the LGBT community (although it is often used in this respect in Anglo-Saxon countries).

And if you are stubborn enough to believe in the existence of a common culture but also an alleged universality of a “LGBT culture”, you immediately fall back into the traditional sexist view: which confuses the masculine and the so called neutral universal with the “LGBT culture”.

It is said that the identification of the gay culture also acts as a representative of the LGBT culture.

Older women are not what they were, they don’t want to give up anything, nothing, except giving up…

(1) How can we explain this persistence of gender stereotypes? What measures should be taken to fight against sexism?

Feminism highlights women’s day to day experiences, and postmodernism emphasizes the importance of hedonism and pleasure in life.

By capitalizing on these movements, it is now widely accepted in marketing that consumers no longer choose products just for functional uses, but also for what they represent.

Cosmetics: During the last 15 years, cosmetics are one of the few sectors of growth.

Recent studies have shown the average market growth of 5% in terms of quantity.

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