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When he went in to say goodnight and tell him he was leaving, he assumed he had already fallen asleep and walked out the front door to find his body hanging there by torn pillowcases.

Luckily he was able to cut him down and perform CPR while the other house guests that were over that night called 911.

On November 11, 2003, friends called 911 after they found the actor hanging from a nylon rope in the hallway of his Los Angeles apartment. Friends said the actor had been depressed over his flagging career, although he left behind no suicide note.

He did not leave a note to explain why he was suffering.

In a panic, I sat on the floor and she said those words I’ll never forget. I told them that I was his best friend, and I needed their help.I sat in the corner with a few of his real friends, and we just watched in amusement.I guess everyone has a right to mourn and pay their respects even if we knew the reality.After about ten years of being his wing woman, I suddenly started to develop romantic feelings for him. At this point in our friendship, I was extremely close with Jon’s ex-girlfriend Tatiana Ali, and he was besties with my ex-boyfriend Jeff.I knew this might be complicated, but Jon and I were friends for many years before either one of these relationships even existed and we had all been out of those relationships for at least three years, so there was no stopping us.

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