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But I can guarantee you will find all of those things with about 1,000 other people in this world. It represents how much Jesus Christ loves us: His body, His church, His bride.That might be love on the world’s standards, but not on Christ’s standards. When two sinners come together, the Gospel is displayed. Do you see him as the father to your future children?I wish I could go back to when I was dating and just scream.Scream at myself for not seeing how detrimental it was to be dating a man who wasn’t invested in the Lord, and his goal was not to lead or protect me, but to selfishly get what he came for, whatever that may have been, and then leave.Business Ministry Centre: Christian Network & Home Business Finder.

Pastor Larry Lewis is the founder of The Larry Lewis Ministries.I may have thought I “loved” them, but the reality is, my heart was in the wrong place.So, ladies, let me say this: if he says he loves you, but he doesn’t know Christ, if Christ is not his first love, then he is deceiving you.Because in a few weeks, months, and years after you’ve been married, there will be times when he love. Being married myself, I continue to notice how marriage reveals your sins. Is he going to lead, protect, and provide for you, spiritually and physically?I remember tears streaming down my face as I asked for his forgiveness. The grace I don’t deserve–that I am a new creation in Christ, and God remembers my sins no more (2 Corinthians -21). My husband has to forgive me daily for sinning against him and ultimately being selfish. Being intentional in dating relationships will help with unwanted heartbreak.

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It might be a worldly love, but it will never compare to Christ’s love, which is given to us through Him and only Him.

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