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For example this sample: “Wear black underwear under a white shirt.It’ll bring notes on a score to mind” totally changed her life, really.A classic out of an eyeliner, and a depression a post topic.Life is currently hard for the Animal, as Okrasa and Pascal are out of Lidl, Blake Lively isn’t a blonde anymore and Jon Snow is dead ;/ Well, he might not be dead after all, as he didn’t cut his hair, but at least there is something to talk about sipping a and a total catastrophy, worse than a winter queue for a popular restaurant.She sometimes goes to music festivals, but most often on her longboard.She enjoys her life, which would be perfect if it wasn’t for the gluten allergy… Next time you’re in Starbucks take a look around, you might be surprised!Her i Phone constantly dies, but she waits for her dad to prolong the Orange for companies agreement, so that she could get a new one with 64GB memory.She spends her day refreshing her FB and coping Margaret’s new hairstyle from the Opole music festival, but when asked about her profession, she fills the gap with “”, that’s why she tries to live every moment to the fullest and is constantly in motion.

She exercises with Chodakowska, as there was a discount for her book with DVD in Biedronka, a cheap supermarket, but the model, whose belly after being pregnant still looked like a six pack – Sarah Stage, or something.When it comes to men, she’s got one rule: there’s no such cart that one couldn’t butt out.She dreams of being one of the WAGs, so when she’s not filming a Snap, she hunts 😉 Let’s get things straight – a sociology student is not an option.She recently bought “Destroy this journal”, as it’s supposed to be a bestseller, but one doesn’t have to read it at all.But there are a lot of creative games, and, you know, it’s like totally .

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