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However, while some victims did indeed offer forgiveness, for the most part perpetrators did not come forward or acknowledge their crimes.

Now two decades on, few would argue South Africa has achieved the reconciliation the TRC sought.

In South Africa it has sometimes been seen as imposing an unwarranted burden on victims to forgive while glossing over the lack of genuine acknowledgment or remorse on the part of those who committed atrocities”.

Sit-in in front of the parliament in Rabat by women of collective lands from various regions in Morocco, protesting discrimination in compensation practices that favor men over women, July 2, 2009.

“Both experiences highlight challenges connected to reconciliation.

For many in Latin America the use of the term was seen as code for impunity and a free pass for regime criminals.

For instance, post-conflict societies may emphasize reconciliation as it pertains to coexistence, whereas fragile states with weak institutions may seek reconciliation as a means towards resilience.

The type of violence a society is emerging from can determine the role reconciliation plays in its transitional process.

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Reconciliation is often presumed to be one of transitional justice’s prime objectives, but it remains a controversial and vague concept, giving rise to different understandings and approaches.

Is it, as it was portrayed in Chile and South Africa, a central aim of transitional justice processes?

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  1. Diogenes may have some claim to objectivity, but both Iamblichus and Porphyry have strong agendas that have little to do with historical accuracy.

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