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Also featuring opera star Denyce Graves, Chicken Jane, Martha Reader and the Vowelles, the "What's Your Name" song, Gawain's Word, Cliff Hanger, and more BETWEEN THE LIONS favorites!

(Unrated 2005 DVD, WGBH BOSTON Studios) Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West: A storybook tornado blows into the library and makes a terrible mess.

But this is no ordinary adoption, since Binky's new kid sister is coming all the way from China! When he gets hooked on "Love Ducks" he tries to hide it from his friends--not an easy feat since it's on at the same time as the new Bionic Bunny spin-off everyone's talking about! the Piano/ The Big Blow-UP - Arthur gets stage fright during a rehearsal.

This is the story of Binky and his family going to China to meet their new family member and how they learn about a different culture as well. Will he be able to get through his recital without any mistakes?

Meanwhile, bookmark this page and check back often for newly released discs with DVS.

For Kids | History | Documentary | Drama and Mystery | Science | Miscellaneous (Unrated 2007 DVD, WGBH BOSTON Studios) Includes 4 great adventures: Binky Goes Nuts, Breezy Listening Blues, Arthur Weighs In, and The Law of the Jungle Gym. & Buster's Special Delivery Special features include: bullet Downloadable teaching materials, including the Let's Read!

No, his parents aren't having another child, they're adopting one. In the second story, will Arthur be exposed as a a baby show lover?

Lionel's Great Escape Trick: Lionel ties himself up with ropes and tries to escape without magic words.

Touching the Moon: Leoona keeps the whole family awake because she wants a queen to touch the moon.

Also featuring Broadway stars Faith Prince and Walter Bobbie, the Information Hen, the "What's Your Name" song, Monkey Pop-Up Theater, Arty Smartypants, Cliff Hanger, and more BETWEEN THE LIONS favorites!

(Unrated 2008 DVD Set, WGBH / PBS Studios) Swing open the doors to reveal a wonderful, quirky family of lions in their... It's a magical place where characters pop out of the pages of books, vowels sing, and words take on a life of their own.

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  1. Description: Tammy’s got everything: wealth, designer clothes, store cards with unlimited credit, and Ralph Forrester, a drop-dead-gorgeous first-year law student who is going to take her to the end-of-term dance.