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The reason for coming back is a letter with no return address from his daughter Maya, whose ... Director: Vladimír Drha This movie is about two girls who both feel lonely living in the big city.

See full summary » Stars: Aleksandr Kobzar, Anna Koshmal, Irina Novak, Yuliya Takshina 1905. One of them is a street musician who comes to play every day in the same place. See full summary » Director: Darya Perelay SHE is a district attorney, SHE is trapped in a never-ending sequence of days.

Love Me is a character-drive narrative that follows desperate men on their quest for love through the modern 'mail-order bride' industry in Ukraine. See full summary » Director: Jonathon Narducci Youth story about the first sexual experiences.

The heroine is trying to get rid of her virginity for the sake of modern stereotypes, not to be the 'old maid' or 'spinster' among her peers....

Either way, you're going to want to buy a copy of this video, and treasure it among your collection of great works of art.

I can't think of a single reason why this film should be given less than ten out of ten.

Directors: Vladyslav Klimchuk, Valentyn Shpakov Snowdrop is a Ukrainian television series starring Irina Bilous and Marina Dyakonenko with Valentin Tomusyak, Oleksandr Zadniprovsky, Oleksandr David & Rimma Zyubin. See full summary » Stars: Marina Dyakonenko, Valentin Tomusyak, Catherine Tyszkiewicz, Alexander Davydov A young Russian aristocrat, Baron Fyodor Jeremin, volunteers to serve with a Dragon squadron to impress the girl who rejected his love.

Just at this time the 1863 insurrection explodes in ...

The absurd car accident, her business trip, preventing her from seeing Oleg being laid to rest, the unsettling behavior of his brother and this ...An uptight and conservative woman, working on tenure as a literacy professor at a large urban university, finds herself strangely attracted to a free-spirited, liberal woman who works at a local carnival that comes to town.Two attractive young lesbians, Maggie and Kim, meet in Vancouver, develop a passionate romance, and move in together.Meanwhile, Maggie's well-meaning but naive mother Lila gets divorced ...See full summary » The talented Jane Hawkins (Dreya Weber, Lovely & Amazing) was an impressive gymnast at the top of her game until a devastating injury ended her career. See full summary » Annabelle is the wise-beyond-her-years newcomer to an exclusive Catholic girls school.

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Directors: Maryna Gorbach, Mehmet Bahadir Er The film focuses on the little-known love affair of the terrorist Fanny Kaplan with the brother of Vladimir Lenin, Dmitriy Ilyich Ulyanov, and questions whether she really tried to assassinate Lenin in 1918.

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