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Je me suis alors dit que ce port 443 n'était ouvert qu'en cas de connexion sur un site https mais Hacker Watch est un site http ...

Figure 1 depicts the daily spread of the infection during the week of August 11. FIGURE 1: The Spread of W32/Blaster-Lovsan during the week of August 11, 2003.

If one can overflow a buffer (made possible by a lack of bounds checking on the input data), one can substitute a line of errant code (or pointer) into the instruction sequence that can serve as an access point for an exploit.

One common variation of this hack is to put in a pointer right after the buffer's end that points back into the previous buffer which has been overwritten with a "no op" sled followed by rogue code.

I've discussed buffer overflows before ("The Code Red Worm", CACM, Nov, 2001), so I won't go into detail here but to say that the typical OS inserts buffers in stream with instructions when it builds the execution stack.

Thus, the full word after the last line of the buffer is presumed to be either an instruction, or a pointer thereto.

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On the day of the blackout, Blaster degraded the performance of several communications lines linking key data centers used by utility companies to manage the power grid..." (Computerworld, August 29, 2003).

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