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There were four other people from different companies at this lunch.My employee said she doesn’t have a debit or credit card and uses cash exclusively.For the past two years, I have been rated as “Exceeds Expectations” on my annual reviews. Since he would run a mile rather than have a confrontation with anyone, he gives everyone the exact same raise — even those who are rated “Below Expectations.”Am I crazy for thinking my raise should be higher than people who aren’t performing up to expectations?

I’m currently in the process of applying for what could potentially be my dream job.

I explained this is not acceptable for business meals and events, but she says she will continue using cash only.

She is different, she is under 25 and does not have social media or any internet presence and when her name is searched for nothing comes up.

My boss (Julie) is newer, but she has been a great source of support and guidance as I navigate being a new parent and balance my work and family life.

I would gladly invite them both, but I dread the thought of inviting the other two members of the team.

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