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There were a few tiny puddles in the road and, by the gate, more branches, brown and sere, leftovers of the neighbor and my brother “taking care of” the narrowed entrance from the Mansion Road.

Suffice it to say there is a bit of a gap between their and my definition of “getting rid of” trimmings.

And its deep orange flowers are gracefully pendulous and very different from all the other plants in the bed.

This fine native plant cultivar was given its name by customer Lauren Melvan of Michigan, who insightfully recognized its connection with a unique part of the world.

They, kids to my mind, carried boogie boards, perfect for the disordered surf and in they went while the dogs stayed at the water's edge, dancing in and out of the shallowest foam, rolling in the sand.

All warnings and watches have been cancelled, the only tag remaining a consolation prize orange “high surf advisory.” It began Saturday, this one more Labor Day weekend lost to weather, with multiple lines of cars in the standby queue at the ferry landing.The ocean was still all white and roiled, a tumble of energy throwing up salty mist, lacking the graceful form of long rollers with trailing white manes.Autumn was delighted to see playmates on the beach, first, accompanying a walker, an energetic black dog carrying a great chunk of treasure easily dropped in favor of play, then, as we moved north toward Jerry's Point, a pale golden, with a group of young people come to play in the ocean.Here, I observed the plants for several years and was amazed by the variability of this population.The original plant that is named 'Sky Island Orange,' was the longest blooming of the group.

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