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I am caught between thinking that, on the one hand, the grief, although hard, would at least end the misery and hopefully take me to a place where I can just be satisfied with the rest of my life (which is pretty great), and still feeling, on the other hand, that love is a basic human need, so cutting myself off from what still seems like the likeliest path to getting there will only end up stunting my life in the long run. Do I forge ahead with online dating and hope that it really is a numbers game and that someday mine will actually come up?

Or do I just let it go and accept that an adult love relationship is just not in the cards for me?

So the first step is to absolve yourself of any stigma. You grew up, found someone, realized he was wrong for you, broke up, pursued a career, made friends, had a baby. First-time mothers sometimes don’t realize just what a hurricane of small-person needs they’re living in until that era is over. There are some hints that you haven’t completely escaped this way of looking at love.

It sounds like you’re expecting way too much of yourself. If some part of your subconscious mind views love as an escape from the dreary realities of life, you’ll continue to be haunted, transforming your need for affection and love into a need for someone to guide and define you. But I don’t think you REALLY want to lose yourself to another person.

Back then dating was like moving to another country: I took up the practices and customs of the natives of my new land. New apps for people who hate Tinder will spring up. I think we all need to give up on the idea that there is ONE PERSON OUT THERE FOR US. The good ones won’t notice you when you’re stressed out and swiping right; they’ll notice you when you’re in the middle of doing something you love, something that engrosses you completely.

I abandoned my own habits and hobbies without a second thought. Also, the kind of love that closes down the bar isn’t the kind of love you want. The Tinder-ization of the world will subside, or at least stay in its own high-speed fuckboat lane. They’ll notice you at the very moment when you’re feeling like you don’t need anything else in your life.

I’ve sewed curtains and planted flowers and suddenly found myself thinking FUCK THIS.

Before, it was all lengthy profiles and revealing charming details about yourself, followed by a polite exchange of get-to-know-you-banter emails and arrangements to meet for coffee.

Now, it is a lot of pictures and swiping right, followed by some text messages if you’re lucky.

It makes me feel bitter and frustrated, like I am spending a lot of energy chasing something that is simply unattainable for me.

I’ve asked pretty much everyone I know to fix me up, only to be told that no one seems to know anyone who is available.

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There seems to be no other way to meet people except through online dating.

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