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As the name suggests, The Herpes Blog is a no-nonsense resource from Nanci Elliot, who contracted the STD years ago. The various stages of herpes, both physical and emotional, are thoroughly explored, including bouncing back from a diagnosis and safely putting yourself back on the dating market.

In Outing Myself, she shares her personal journey, including “How Herpes Saved My Life” and “To Paris with Herpes.” The site is remarkably honest and brutally funny.

URL: Bragging Rights: all your questions answered Developed by the moderator of a regional herpes support group, this site helps to provide users with up-to-date and trustworthy information about dating with herpes.

For more information on how to join National HELP, please go the Herpes Support Groups page on Dating With

Bay Area Friends (BAF) is not a dating service and provides no personal ads.

Encouraging people to not give up on making connections, the blog handles such topics as the emotional impact of a diagnosis and better understanding what being positive means. The message behind this group is about never feeling alone, which encourages users to get back out there and meet like-minded, understanding people.

An active group of members keep the conversation alive, split between standard dating issues and those STD-related.

It’s possible to find love and enjoy life when you have an STD, and this site has all the tools to help you on your way.

Our 10 Best Dating Blogs for People with STDs can be a shoulder to lean on when the weight of the world feels like it’s too much.

Bragging Rights: a secure and anonymous community This blog offers a safe place for those living with herpes by providing dating tips, advice on telling your parents and “positive” success stories.

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