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The singer has met A-Rod's family, People reports, adding that they have been seeing each other for a few weeks, are taking things slow and not putting any labels on their relationship.WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Reunites With Ex Marc Anthony to Celebrate Their Twins' 9th Birthday Both Rodriguez and Lopez are coming out of high-profile relationships.Incest porn, Barber thinks, is a way to never forget that exciting, awkward, youthful sex you used to have.

Super Bowl commercial, has one simple requirement when it comes the opposite sex."I like funny," she said. If I don't laugh at you and you don't laugh at me, it's not going to work."As I previously told you, Mc Kinney's celeb crush is Paul Rudd because he's "hilarious.", which she praised as "really great."As for music, Mc Kinney said she listens to "everything, from rap to country to electronic to dance.""I really like Drake, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Kalifa," she said.

The "Feel the Light" singer is dating Alex Rodriguez, sources close to the former New York Yankees player tell ET.

However, "they don't consider themselves exclusive," one source tells us.

The MLB star recently called things off with his girlfriend, business and tech mogul Anne Wojcicki, after dating for nearly a year.

Meanwhile, Lopez was romantically linked with rapper Drake starting in December.

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