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Urbino knows that Saint-Amour's death by cyanide is not accidental.

Saint-Amour had worked as a renowned photographer of children, and possessed extensive knowledge of chemicals. Urbino had discovered a note nailed to Saint-Amour's street door, instructing him to enter and inform the police.

During his youth, he had frequented the Parish Cafe, where he had perfected his chess game with his father-in-law and a group of Caribbean refugees.Urbino considers this metaphor and how much the city has changed since his youth; with the abolition from slavery, the city's wealthiest families fell to ruin. Urbino is disrupted by servants struggling to catch his parrot, which has escaped and flown to the highest branches of the mango tree. Florentino Ariza is not the man with whom the girls held lotteries to hang out with, until he saw Fermina Daza; that was Dr. See the first paragraph in Chapter 3 to see where this sentence refers to the latter.Actually, women held lotteries to hang out with both men.It was through chess that Urbino had met Saint-Amour, for they were worthy opponents.Saint-Amour's posthumous letter instructs Urbino to travel to an odd location in the old slave quarter of the city.

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Urbino uses his power to persuade the inspector to forgo routine legal procedures so that Saint-Amour, an "atheistic saint," may be buried that same afternoon, on Pentecost.

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